Humane North Dallas Bat Removal

There are so many varieties of bats around the world and not all of them are harmful to human beings. But when they start sharing our living space without our permission, they become our target. Actually, these creatures can carry some disease viruses with them that are transferable to human beings as well. Thus in order to ensure complete safety of your family, it is good to make efforts for bat removal. However, it is not always essential to be cruel and kill them. You can use some humane techniques to show them a way out of your property. Here are few simple steps to get rid of North Dallas bats:

Step 1: First of all, you need to do some investigation about which path Texas bats are following to enter and exit your home. Collect information about what type of bats they are, where they are living and what kind of damage they have caused to your property. You may have to spend few hours to observe their movements and mark the spots that are often accessed by them.

Step 2: It is time to do some inspection for the common activities of North Dallas bats in the fascia boards, louvers, vents and ridge caps. Spare some time to check all the damaged areas in your house such as missing bricks, broken windowpanes and missing warped boards. Note that, a gap of only 3/8 inch is enough for bats to move in and out so you have to check all such tiny entry points carefully. Seal all these gap areas with some good quality sealants; you can prefer to use caulk, polyurethane foam, steel screening or poly netting etc. to block these entry points.

Step 3: Now, you have to set a one-way exclusion funnel or netting for these Texas bats and it can be designed in a customized way depending upon the structure of your house. Note that, these exclusion systems must be designed in such an effective way that they can provide a way to go out to bats but cannot allow them to come back inside. Keep on observing and make sure that all the bats have moved out of your house and they are not flying in.

Step 4: Once you are sure that all the bats have moved out of your home and none of them returned; it is time to remove the netting and use the permanent seal for the last entry hole. Do this task carefully and make sure that bats will not even find a way to enter into your house in the next season as well.

Step 5: When you have closed all the vents, now clean up all the North Dallas bat guano and deodorize the space. If it is left as it is, it may cause the development of mold in the area and it further leads to so many health issues. Thus it becomes essential to remove the mess on time.

Note that, female Texas bats give birth to their babies in spring season so it is inhumane to trap their babies inside. The best idea is to avoid bat removal in this season.

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