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What Smells Repel North Dallas Mice

Considered by many as nasty little creatures, North Dallas mice tend to live up to such expectations by ruining your house with their mess, pitter patter of feet and a nasty odor. Question is: how to get rid of them?

Smells That Repel Mice
Before you opt the conventional methods of hiring a pest service or using poison and other such techniques to keep the buggers away, you might want to try the easy and harmless procedures first. There are certain scents which the mice abhor completely. Using them, will give you a mice free house for at least the time being. Following are some of the scents that repel mice and other such rodents:

1. Peppermint Oil
Mice have a strong sense of smell. Every little odor is heightened for them. Now things like peppermint oil are already quite sharp, hence imagine how amplified must it be for the rodent. Using peppermint oil in your cleaners or spraying them across your house is one way to keep the mice out. Or you could dip some cotton balls into the oil and keep it near the entrance from which mice emerges. The smell will drive them into a frenzy!

2. Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper is something which everybody recommends once in a while. Its sharp, stinging odor is too much for a Texas mouse to handle. They immediately run away from that place or house which contains cayenne pepper. Hence sprinkle some it in your kitchens or attics and you will be free of your mice problem for some time.

3. Ammonia
Ammonia again is said to be a natural repellent for a North Dallas mouse. Dab some cotton or paper balls in ammonia and spread them throughout the house. Make sure they are out of the reach of children though.

4. Faeces
Some people claim that keeping the faeces or waste of reptiles and other predators also scare the mice away. Mice enter into a territory for food, shelter and safety. So if they happen to stumble upon a whiff of predator's waste, they will run away from there. You can get such waste from the zoo or somebody who has reptiles for pets.

5. Moth Balls
Moth balls contain naphthalene and are known to drive a mouse crazy with its immense scent. Some claim this to be untrue. But desperate times requires desperate measures so if the above methods don't work then move on towards moth balls.

6. Spices
Spices such as cinnamons or cloves or hot peppers etc. also help in keeping the mice at bay. However, mice being intelligent creatures get used to it quickly. Nevertheless, they will keep the mice for some time till you figure out your next move.

Final Verdict
Hence above mentioned tips are definitely useful in keeping the North Dallas mice away but keep in mind, that all these tricks are temporary. The reason is because mice are intelligent creatures and have the tendency to figure out the problem. So keep changing your techniques once in a while and you will be good to go!

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