Best Humane Ways to Get Rid of North Dallas Squirrels

If you hear squeaking or scratching noise in your ceiling, this means that you have some guests. Squirrels are the animals that search for a warm place to store food. The perfect for them is the attic. They can gain entry through uncovered chimney and crevices. Sure, squirrels are a cute little animal, but this animal can cause a havoc in your house. There is a greater risk of having an accident as they chew electrical wires and plumbing lines. This is the reason why you must immediately remove the squirrels. In this write-up, we have highlighted some of the few human squirrel removal methods. Read on further to know about the gentle ways to remove North Dallas squirrels.

One-Way Exclusion Method
One the easiest humane Texas squirrel removal methods are one-way exclusion door. This will let the squirrel leave the attic and they will not have a way to come back in. You have to make sure there is no point of entry. Moreover, the squirrels can make their way into the house by chewing. So, you have to make sure your house is chew-proof. It is advised to seal all the holes except one that will be the exit way. After you have removed the squirrel, you should seal that hole as well. This makes sure they don't make their way back again.

Trapping the Squirrels
The most famous and commonly used method to remove squirrels is to trap them. Once you have trapped them, you should relocate them to a safe and secure environment for them. This is to make sure they get shelter and food. It is the humane squirrel removing method that must be used instead of killing them.

Another humane way to remove North Dallas squirrels is by using repellents. This is great to remove the female squirrels as they are in search of a safe place for their little ones. Some of the experts state that this method does not work. However, there is no harm in using them as the second option. You can spray the repellent liquid on the bird feeders, garbage cans, flowers, surfaces, trees. This will discourage them to chew or dig.

Using Habanero Sauce
According to few experts, you can use habanero sauce to deter the Texas squirrels. All you have to do is spray the sauce where they are living.

Prevention Method
After you have successfully removed the squirrel, you must make sure they will not make their way back in again. So should keep the crevices and chimney capped. You should get rid of bird feeders and bring the pet food inside. Install chicken wire around the plants and gardens. All in all, killing the North Dallas squirrel just because they found shelter in your house is not a humanitarian thing to do. We should be more responsible and use methods that will cause no harm or stress to the squirrels. There are many companies that offer various methods of getting rid of squirrels like using sound emitters or scents. These ways are not are effective and are ruled out as fraudulent. The best way to free your house from squirrels is by getting a professional help. We are here to answer all your queries, get in touch for more information.

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